Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Fruit Basket

I paper foundation pieced this FWQS block, most of it was quite simple but on the sides of the block are two long strips, one of which requires a little thought (for me at least) when I paper foundation piece it.

This is the method I used to make this section of the block, (an alternative would be to start with the long section first then lay the triangle on top of that, but with some blocks that isn't possible), I usually cut out my fabric into suitable sizes pieces prior to starting to stitch as I find it easier.

Place fabric, wrong side facing up then place the paper pattern on top,

fold back the paper pattern on the angle, then place your ruler on the angle leaving about a 1/2" of seam allowance fabric (so you can trim it back after stitching) and cut off the extra fabric, the piece of fabric under the paper pattern should now be cut at the correct angle for placement when you stitch.

flip the paper over (I had already stitched some of this block), the piece of fabric that is going to be stitched is to the right of the already prepared section,

lay the piece of pre-cut fabric  on the part (right sides together) to be stitched, sometimes its hard to work out if you have it placed correctly, so sometimes I cut a wider piece and trim back later or I fiddle around and flip it over to see if it is positioned correctly.  Pin (or glue) the fabric in place, flip over so  the paper pattern is facing up and stitch in place,

Before trimming, flip the fabric up to check that you have sewn it correctly (I forgot to take a photo of that part), then trim the fabric, press and continue on making the block.

I hope this is helpful to someone else, sometimes its hard when you write this sort of thing because I know what I mean but the person reading it can't quite understand what I mean (if you know what I mean, lol) but hopefully the pictures help get the idea across.


  1. Wow! That gave my brain a bit of a work out> No wonder your blocks are so crisp and even. I admire from afar.

  2. Yes me too Salley, great stuff Pip that one looks tricky!!


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