Sunday, 6 November 2011

A few more acquisitions

These are the bits of fabric I picked up today, a colour theme is starting to creep in, can you see it? Sadly there was no more of the white fabric with the red stripes that I liked, BUT there was a piece of the same design but with black instead of red and there was a bit more information on the selvedge as well, which allowed me to find out that the fabric is called Dots, Dashes and Stripes by Yoshiko Jinzenji (read more about her  here and here) and printed by Yuwa, I don't think it is available any more :(

More white glove duty today, in a different section of the quilt show, this time I got to see a more varied selection of quilts, Seven Deadly Sins was the theme for the 2011 AP&Q AQC Challenge, you can see them here (don't forget to click on each thumbnail for a larger preview), some other quilts I enjoyed viewing were a lovely Dear Jane and two versions of the Nearly Insane quilt, it was well worth spending some time being a volunteer at the show.


  1. Volunteers always get bennies... and up close and personal with quilts is a great benefit!

    Love your fabrics....

  2. nice shopping.........thanks for the links.........

  3. Lovely fabrics...I think I get the colour theme...LOL

  4. It was great to meet you at the show on Thursday Pip, it really was such a fun day wasn't it? Hope to catch up again soon.


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