Monday, 3 October 2011

Yesterday's block

This is a quick tutorial on how I made yesterday's block.  The block I'm using for this tutorial is not quite the same block as yesterday's block, Order Number Eleven, it is actually a Dear Jane block (M7) that I have enlarged, but the principle is the same.

One of the techniques I used was reverse applique and this is the way I did it (there are probably other ways of doing reverse applique but I have had good success using this method with certain shapes).

I printed out the pattern on freezer paper and then cut out the shape I was going to reverse applique, then ironed the resulting template to the wrong side of the background fabric. In the block I made yesterday I sewed triangles together to make the square, it would be much easier to mark the diagonals with a pencil (lightly) or press them in place with an iron.

 I then cut out the background fabric inside of the template leaving enough to turn back about 1/4" of the cream background fabric, I clipped into this seam allowance making sure not to clip too far. (ignore the blue fabric behind the template for the moment)

then I turned the seam allowance back onto the freezer paper, I used a Sewline Glue Pen to hold the fabric in place on the freezer paper.  I like using the Sewline Glue Pen as it makes it fairly easy to remove the freezer paper later on.

Now you can place your background fabric on top of the fabric (the blue fabric) so that you can reverse applique it in place.  I usually use my Sewline Glue Pen and a toothpick to put tiny amounts of glue under the edge to hold it in place, then I start stitching.

The blue fabric has been stitched in place and trimmed back, 

leave the freezer paper in place while you trim back as it protects the other fabric from being cut inadvertently.

the finished reverse applique, front view

the finished reverse applique, wrong side

I made the melons using freezer paper also, I cut a fairly small seam allowance here and didn't need to clip it for this, I turned it back using the same method as before, I only did the one side as the rest would be covered up with the snowflake.

This picture shows the melon in place, I then stitch it down and continue on till all four melons are stitched in place, you only need to stitch the curved side down.  You can then ease the freezer paper out once you have stitched that side down.

This was the first snowflake I made yesterday, it is actually a bit large so I didn't use it, but it will demonstrate how I used freezer paper, there was quite a bit of clipping on this to make sure the seam allowance would turn over properly.

The snowflake in place, you can see how this snowflake cuts off the nice sharp points on the dark blue crescents, although I trimmed back the template on yesterday's block it still wasn't quite enough. I then glue the snowflake in position and stitch it in place,

to remove the freezer paper template, I turn the block over and cut into the fabric and gently ease the freezer paper out, I use tweezers to help me and with this snowflake I had to cut the freezer paper as well.

Hopefully this is helpful to someone, I will continue making this block as a Dear Jane M7 and show the rest of the process in a day or so.


  1. Beautifully done block. Figuring out how to accomplish each pattern is a big part of the process.

  2. That is a lovely block- and very detailed instructions on how to get such precise piecing- thank you...

  3. a very clear and detailed tutorial, i am sure it will be helpful

  4. Wow... wow... I'm in awe!

  5. Wow PIp: Excellent tutorial and the finish is superb. A lot of photos to take and blog about. They all are so crisp and clear and instructions are fantastic. No wonder all those pointy bits behave themselves.

  6. I am having heart palpitations just looking at that I havent even read it yet LOL, It does look fantastic though!


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