Thursday, 6 October 2011

Making sashing

for the Flower Garden quilt is rather mindless work but quite enjoyable.  I spent a morning cutting a strip off each piece of fabric in my Flower Garden quilt box, then started joining them into blocks of 12 strips or so, pressed them and cut into more strips and then I had the beginnings of a lot of sashing, but I still have a way to go.

fabric strips waiting to be joined

sashing strips

I think I need to make about 1,000 inches of sashing, if I read this post correctly.  I had convert that into metric so I had a better idea of the amount required - 25.5 meters which is quite a lot, so I'll just keep on making sashing for a while before I even think about measuring how much I have made.


  1. Oh wow! 25 meters! Wow! That's a lot of sashing. A lot of awfully pretty sashing though.

  2. Wow! No wonder your kitty likes playing with your fabric...these are delightful little piles!

  3. That looks great!

    I’ve been cutting over 600 squares and about a hundred rectangles over the past few days. I didn’t calculate how any meters I need.

  4. Pip, we love the cheery magentas, orchids, limes, grapes, and assorted blues of this sashing ! What an ambitious project this is, but it will really pay off, and the flower garden quilt will look spectacular with this sashing. We can't wait to see the finished quilt top !

    Best wishes from Marina and Daryl

  5. My dear... you are never IDLE! :)

    The sashing strips will be fabulous... can't wait to see the blocks with the sashings!

  6. Wow, I am worn out just thinking about that many metres.
    Love all those colours.

  7. 25 metres! of sashing!!! My head hurts just thinking about it!...but the colours are awesome, loving your strips...

  8. OH MY WORD! That's a lot of piecing for sashing!!

    1. I over estimated the amount and still have some sashing left over, I should find something to use it on ;)


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