Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I've been

quite industrious the last couple of days, I spent yesterday making more sashing for the Flower Garden Quilt and then finished it off today, it's all wound round a piece of cardboard to keep it tidy and I hope that I have enough.

I also found time to quilt a couple of blocks on my blue Dear Jane and then I made another FWQS block to finish the day off, this one is Attic Windows, I'm working my way across the first two or three rows and then I will try out the sashing and see how it looks with more blocks.  I haven't decided on a fabric for the setting triangles but I'm leaning towards a off white or cream print of some description.


  1. Nice clear photos Pip, and the the Farmers Wife must have moved to France...this block is very sunny.

  2. Love your sashing rolled onto cardboard. Great idea! Everything you are making right now is just soooo pretty! You are very productive indeed!

  3. Glad to see you are varying your tasks, no risk of boredom or RSI.
    Well done on finishing the sashing for the Flower Garden, It will be great to just reach for it when a block is completed.

    And the Farmers Wife is a nice reward at the end of day. Your blocks so far are so very pretty. you really can't go wrong with your choice of fabrics.
    Are you thinking of using different fabric for the setting triangles and corner stones?


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