Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Continuing on ...

This is how I finished off the block I started yesterday.  Instead of using half completed melons and covering them with the snowflake, I use completed melons (as seen in the photo below)

then applique them down in the same positions.

I usually applique them on opposite sides first

This is the last melon to go down and it is too large. 

  To make it fit I trimmed the ends of the freezer paper template back a little bit so it would fit.  

When I made my first DJ M7 block I printed two templates, one at 4.5 inches and the other at 4.25 inches, the first template I used as the reverse applique template and the outside melons and the second (smaller) template was used for the central melons only.

My reasoning is that once you fold the fabric round the template (or even if you use needle turn) it adds a little extra width therefore the melons will always be a little larger, so if you start off with slightly smaller melons then they should fit nicely.

The finished block with the melons appliqued on the outside.  I'm going to use this block somewhere in my Civil War quilt, maybe on the four corners, which means I need to make three more of them.

Edit:  to remove the freezer paper templates, I usually cut a slit into the wrong side of the block and then soak the block in warm water for about 20-30 minutes, the freezer paper template will lift out easily.  Removing them this way causes less stress on your stitching and fabric.


  1. That block is so beautiful.....

  2. Awesome block Pip...

    Love the colours and the clean cuts.


  3. This is a really nice one pip.

  4. That is SO beautiful

    You've much more patience than me Gungadin.

  5. That's a beautiful block Pip and some great tips too thank you.

  6. Wow - it's beautiful! Not sure if I have the patience, though, Pip! xo

  7. Now that block is really beautiful, and thank you for the tips, I haven't done that one yet.

  8. Amazing! Great tutorial Pip ~ I learned a lot.


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