Monday, 24 October 2011

The centre of Dear Jane

I finished this block (G7 - Indianapolis)  today, it is my third attempt, I wanted to get it right because it is the centre of the quilt therefore, a bit of a focal point. I foundation paper pieced the strips but used wider pieces of fabric than required and trimmed back to the correct size once I had completed them, I appliqued each quarter then joined it all up, trying to match up all the seams.

These are my other two efforts, I made these in a different fabric which may have contributed to my problems as it was a lighter weight compared with the batik I used for the third attempt.

Both these blocks look slightly squashed on one side

While reading Dawn's blog yesterday I saw her post about the new shared blog Janiac's Unite which Vicki and Dawn have started very recently, I promptly hopped over and joined, it's going to be a great way to encourage each other on the Dear Jane journey.


  1. third time lucky, you "nailed "it

  2. Very pretty block, I do like your fabric. And thanks for the link, One can never see to many DJ blocks.

  3. I noticed your Janiac button. Cute!
    Guess it Rhymes with Maniac :)

  4. Congratulations!!!! It looks fantastic.

  5. 3rd time lucky! You got it right that time.
    I was going to point you over to Janiac's Unite, but you have already been.

  6. Love that fabric choice for the blocks. It looks just like clouds!


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