Monday, 26 September 2011

Stop me..

before I get carried away :) 

after I finished the weekly Civil War Quilts  block today, I thought I might have time to make another Dear Jane block, I chose this one E5 - Rising Sun  mainly because I knew it wouldn't take too long.

I followed the instructions on the That Quilt blog except I cut most of the centre piece out first so I didn't end up with the bulk in the middle at the end.  Once the whole block, (minus the circle) was together I stitched around the hole to keep it in place.  I then used Perfect Circles by Karen Kay Buckley to make the centre and appliqued that in place.

The CW block this week is called Hovering Hawks, rather than cut into new pieces of fabric for this block I used fabric from my rather large pile of CW scraps.


  1. Ohhhhh... what a STUNNING block... I love it! Wowowowow....

    *applauding using your CW fabric scraps rather cutting into new fabrics*

    ...our foremothers would be proud!

  2. Wow pip, that rising sun is so effective, the rose looks like storm clouds .
    A block a day and you will have 2 DJ's to quilt in no time:-)

    I love your CW block too, Thr red floral is lovely

  3. Perfect circles are brilliant, aren't they? That block itself is brilliant actually! I love the way you are sneaking up on the dear jane. I don't think you should stop!!!

  4. I love your new DJ block. It's going to be a stunner. Way to go using up your CW fabrics.

  5. That lime colour is to die for. Its a hard colour to name...kinda pale olive citron. I have a lot of it hidden away...too afraid to use it up! Is it Art Gallery? Moda? Kona? And your circle IS Perfect! I like how the clouds radiate from this block. Cant wait to see the other solids you choose...This DJ will be so different.

  6. Anonymous28/9/11 09:37

    Pip... it's looking gorgeous... can't wait to see what other blocks you do for the Dear Jane with your new fabrics!


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