Monday, 5 September 2011

My memory is going

on my laptop that is, the last couple of days it has been running very slowly and then this morning when I went to download some updates, a little message came up "Not enough memory" so drastic action was called for.  I do (or did) have a large amount of photos on my laptop, so I saved them to an external hard drive  (and a USB stick as well) then did a back up of my laptop, then started deleting photos and files, there seems to be some improvement but I think I may need to upgrade the RAM in my laptop.

Apart from that little problem I believe I have now caught up with my Civil War Quilts blocks,

Kentucky Crossroads
I liked making this one, nice and quick

Star of the West
This one looks like a dog's breakfast, the blue stripe was badly chosen, however when you see it next to the other blocks it doesn't look too bad at all

I don't have any pink fabric in my CW fabrics so had to raid my stash for some.

Carolina Lily


  1. Do be careful with the external hard drive. I bought a 1 Terabyte one ($100) and Bri put some movies on it and I had quite a few photos on it blew up! I was using it one minute, viewing pics then I closed out of it and the light went out and that was it! Panic! All my holiday pics!
    I got my tech guy to look at it. Seems the power pack blew and shorted out everything in the unit. Nothing was lost it but he had to break open the casing then rehouse it in a new casing ($90).
    He said they are just like a normal hard drive - good while they are working, a headache when they are not!

    And yes, I need to do a LOT of backing up and copying too. Where to find the time...

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. I am glad i have a resident IT Techo to solve my problems. congratulations on catching up on your CW B"sOW. They are quite lovely, I especially like your Carolina Lily.

  3. Congratulations for catching up on your Civil War blocks! They are ALL gorgeous!

  4. Your Kentucky crossroads is my favourite. But you are correct.... blocks in isolation can be bland or "wrong" but need to be viewed with the others to get full effect. Your piecing is so PERFECT :)

  5. I like them all especially the rosebud one. I wish I could do something like that/


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