Wednesday, 31 August 2011

CW catch-up

I've started catching up with the Civil War Quilts  blocks, two down and three to go if I catch up by Saturday.  This was the first one I tried, I thought I would use my Curvemaster presser foot but it wasn't too successful as I haven't had much practise with it so I just hand pieced the curves and machine pieced the rest.

Indiana Puzzle

I wasn't happy with how my second block -  Empty Spools (below) looked so I made another one using

some different fabrics (below) which I like better, although I might try making my first attempt again but use the fabric on the small triangles so the lines are horizontal instead of vertical.

Empty Spools version 2


  1. I am loving your civil war blocks! Of course, they do remind me I have an uncompleted CW quilt, but I like them anyway lol! The second spool is so effective!

  2. Very nice blocks... you done good! Love the fabrics in the 2nd Empty Spools block!

  3. I like the second spool. The fabric is very effective. I was also disappointed in my spool block, and set it aside to redo later.

  4. Your blocks turned out great!
    I love your fabric choices for these!

  5. Stunning blocks, Pip! Your color choices ROCK!! =)

  6. 2nd empty spool very striking (but thats cos I am allergic to brown)
    Indiana Puzzle is very crisply made. Love the dusky blues.

  7. Hi Pip, your CW blocks are great, I also love your quilt you made for your mother, it is beautiful. I must say I envy you of your neat and tidy sewing room, mine is a mess :-)
    It is good to hear your Mister is getting better.

    Take care

  8. Your blocks are looking so good-especially the way you have used the stripe fabrics to effect.

  9. that empty spools block looks amazing, I love the symmetry you have created with the prints!


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