Monday, 25 July 2011


I did a little quilting on my Dear Jane which has been sadly neglected for some time now.  I've already machine quilted a few of the centre blocks and intended to hand quilt parts of them as well.  I haven't hand quilted for years and I've forgotten how heavy a quilt is, although it does a good job of keeping me warm in this colder weather.

This is the back of the quilt, there are some long stitches there but I think if I do some quilting every day it will improve.

This is the front of the block, I had already machine quilted around the star shape, so I hand quilted diagonally from corner to corner and then did a cross in each corner.


  1. Yes, this is certainly the weather for hand quilting Pip! I think it looks lovely! I like the machine/hand quilted combo too.

  2. My Dear Jane is folded up in the closet because I don't know if I can stick with the hand quilting. I like your idea of doing a combination of both hand and machine. It is hot summer weather here, but maybe when it is fall/winter, I'll bring it out, baste and get to work. Glad you are working on yours again.

  3. Haven't all janes been neglected as of late? =) Looking great, Pip!

  4. Your hand quilting looks lovely Pip!
    I really like the combination of hand & machine quilting. It makes this project sound much more manageable. I may have to finish my Jane the same way.


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