Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Mundane things

Back to the real world for me, I've been a bit busy getting things ready for our tax return.  An appointment has been made with our accountant so I am now under a little bit of pressure to make sure I have things sorted at my end.  I usually leave it all until the last minute (the day before) but have decided that I will do it now while I am in the mood for sorting papers, adding things up etc

But I did have time to make this scrummy Caramel Corn with Salted Peanuts which I read about on the Orangette blog (my blog of choice for middle of the night browsing). Molly has a great way with words and makes you want to go and cook something immediately.  

The recipe was easy to follow, I used  Uncle Toby's Microwave Popcorn (natural flavour) which made about 7 cups of popcorn, 85g butter is equivalent to 6 Tbsp, and I set my oven at 100C fanforced (or 120C no fan) I also substituted Queen Glucose Syrup (for corn syrup) which can be found in the baking aisle at the supermarket, and I sprayed the 1/4 cup measure with oil first so the syrup slipped out easily.  

Also don't forget that the Australian tablespoon measure is 20ml and American is 15ml, so the 2 tablespoons of water mentioned will be 30ml (or 1 Australian Tablespoon plus 2 teaspoon) New Zealand tablespoon measurements are the same as the US and UK measurements, for some reason Australia is the odd one out.

You definitely need a candy thermometer for this recipe and a word of warning, don't try nibbling on the very enticing leftover caramel bits once you  have poured it over the popcorn, it is very sticky and could possibly do harm to your fillings (if you have them).


  1. Oh my, the caramel corn looks delicious!

  2. That corn is the best caramel corn i have ever eaten, I agree with you about Molly's writing, She make even the "Mundane" sound "must try" My next favourite recipe of hers is the Marmalade cake. I believe she is writing a second book, can't wait.

  3. I never feel like running off and cooking something right away... Eating it yes, cooking it... no.
    Good Luck with your Tax!

  4. oooh, tax...! Hubby has one more to put in for the few months he worked in Oz last year, and then hopefully not any for a long time! Great to work in a country with no tax!


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