Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A finish

I finished two things today, although one was not really a finish, just a little job of hemming some trousers for a friend, not one of my favourite things to do, but once completed it felt as if a mill stone had been lifted from my neck :) 

I finished off this linen scarf which is being modelled rather fetchingly by Cody, I was slightly surprised that he allowed me to drape it around him, and I managed to take a few photos before he got too fed up with the life of a super model.

A nicer version of this scarf can be seen on Janelle's blog here (just scroll down to the ninth picture)


  1. The photos of Cody modelling the scarf brought a big smile.

    I hate hemming pants... what a chore. A friend is coming over with a pair of jeans that need shortening... at least I can do that on the machine!

  2. Very nice photo of Cody and the scarf. The scarf is beautiful.

    I know how you feel about hemming trousers, I hate it. It feels good when it is done. Uffffff

  3. It's beautiful, I like the bird cage design. What a patient kitty - mine would have run away and taken the scarf with her I think lol!

  4. I agree- I much prefer making things to mending them. Cody plays the model well for your photo- but the bird has flown the coop.

  5. Love the scarf, and very impressed with the finishes, I'm not there yet despite the speed on the day! I have ironed on the iron transfers for everything and wound my embroidery threads onto bobbins... and then went back to Vignette. Maybe this weekend?

  6. PS and you better not let me near your home Pip or Cody will have to be catnapped!


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