Sunday, 24 July 2011


Another Civil War Quilts block is done and dusted, this one is called Peterson's Stars and Stripes, mine is quite plain compared to some I've seen on the Flickr group.  

We're well over half way now and I suppose it is time for me to think about the sashing for these blocks.  There have been some good ideas for sashing over on the Civil War Quilts Flickr group and I think I'll probably find something there that appeals to me.


  1. Beautiful block! I still have a lot to go to catch up, but I'm getting there!

  2. I really like the simplicity of it. and your needle-turn applique is brilliant

  3. Very nice block! Did you notice that one BOW participant already has her blocks sashed and sewn together?

    I decided to give this one a pass... I'm just not into applique...

  4. Your block looks beautiful Pip!
    I'm a couple weeks behind right now but hopeful to catch up soon.
    Can't wait to see what you come up with for the sashing!

  5. Nice....I am all up to date now...phew! Just need to stitch the star on this latest one...I am pleased I made the effort to catch up on the blocks - I am liking the look of them - I have chosen a pretty small colour range but still have issues with choosing the fabric..I have my favourites and always seem to go for them first.....have to stop and choose some of those fabrics that don't jump straight out at me....(so to speak!)

  6. Looks great Pip - I'm still not up to date yet! Will look forward to seeing what you do for the sashing.


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