Thursday, 16 June 2011

A day out

Today we went to Hahndorf, it was cold up there but we had dressed appropriately so were nice and toasty warm.  I can still remember the first time we ever went to Hahndorf some 10 years ago, it was the same time of the year and we froze as we only had light clothing on.  I took some random photos of things that caught my eye as we walked around.
 The view as you drive into Hahndorf, in summer it is like driving into a green tunnel

 Ivy leaves - these stood out because of their colouring

 I'm not sure if this topiary is very successful

 Just liked the shapes and shadows on this old mangle

This mosaic appealed, such a simple idea really, but it makes
the house number stand out quite well.


  1. That looks like a great place to visit- a lot of history to see.

  2. Love these pics! Not sure where Hahndorf is, though. Must be somewhere in Australia? Thanks for commenting on my Farmer's Wife blocks, Pip! Still haven't squeezed in some time for blocks three and four - hopefully tomorrow. Are you joining in?

  3. Hahndorf is a lovely place to many tourists visit there. Nice pictures!

  4. Oh Pip, such wonderfully memory evoking photographs you have there of Hahndorf. I loved that place. I loved Adelaide - even though most of my time there was spent in hospital. I can't wait to make another trip down your end of the earth. Beautiful.
    Thanks for the wonderful memories :-)


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