Thursday, 19 May 2011


I’ve been eyeing this quilt -  Flower Garden by Kim McLean  for some time debating whether to buy the pattern or not, because it is nearly all applique and I’m not a big fan of applique but this quilt really appeals to me.


  I became more interested after I saw this post and this video on the  Glorious Applique blog and started to think that the applique wouldn’t be too hard (there aren’t any sharp points, lots of curves though) so I bought the pattern!!


The pattern is full size so there is no enlarging to be done.  I’ve put a 5” charm square in a corner of one of the blocks to give an idea of the size of the applique pieces in the blocks, this particular block is 12” x 16”.  I don’t plan to start on this quilt just yet as I need to finish off a few things first.


  1. Hi Pip - I found your lovely site through "Simply Joolz" and although I'm not a quilter I'm definitely an eater - so love trying different recipes.
    "Adelaide and Beyond"

  2. oh wow...can't wait to see the progress of this...I have admirred Kim's quilts for ages... so stunning
    Hugs Dawn x x x

  3. What a great pattern Pip!
    I found the applique method (in the links you provided) just fascinating!
    I look forward to following your progress on this quilt.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I just love this pattern, but I bought her Stars and Sprigs pattern right before this one came out, and I have her Hearts and Flowers pattern about half way done from one of Kaffe's books. So I will just watch you do this one and enjoy your blocks. Love that pink fabric.

  5. Hi Pip, this will be a beautiful project to work on! I have been an admirer of Kim's quilts for many years. Her work is incredible. :)

  6. I love Kim's work and the fabrics she uses- will be interested in following your progress when you start it further down the track- would also like to do one of her quilts one day- I have the Kaffe Fassett book which has one of her quilts in it.

  7. Wow Pip that quilt can get one really excided, have you decided on the fabric? I'm looking forward to see your progress when you start, be sure to finish almost everything before you start this one :-)

  8. I can see why you couldnt resist, its beautiful! I look forward to seing it when you get started

  9. Anonymous22/5/11 19:03

    I bought Roseville Album's of Kim's and am eager to start it as well. I can't wait to see your progress with this quilt.

  10. Wow, good on you for buying the pattern, I'm sure you will do a super job of the applique.


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