Thursday, 5 May 2011

I’m baaaack …

The cockatoos in the gum tree in the neighbour’s front yard were making quite a racket, so I went out to tell them to shut-up (as you do) and initially I thought it was a cat climbing the tree, but it was this fellow.


You can see in the picture above how well they blend in with the gum tree bark.  Now they have agreed there is enough room for all to share.



  1. Oh my gosh... he's back ! Great picture. Isn't he/she beautiful ! I wonder if he is munching the tree... although you mentioned that the gum tree is not their typical food source, there must be something he likes about it !

  2. He must like it around your place. Hopefully the bird life will get used to him and not be so noisy!! I like your project holder and your sewing room looks a lovely place to sit and be creative!

  3. Pip I love that you went to tell the birds to shut up. I do the same here and the kids tell me I'm mad! Lovely photos. I love the one with the two of them side by side, each involved in their own thing. Coexistance!

  4. Oh my, that's wonderful! I certainly can't imagine seeing either outside my window, I smile thinking about it.

  5. Oh how lucky are you!!!! I have never seen a koala in the wild. Enjoy.

  6. Adorable cuddly K
    Hugs Dawn x


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