Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Grey and gloomy

for most of the day thanks to the rain showers that are sweeping across, although there have been a few bright patches when the sun has peeped through but they didn’t last for long.
Sorting out some rainbow coloured fabrics has made the day a bit brighter, these were given to me by a quilting friend (thanks Sheila) and they are destined for my Rainbow Dear Jane, the plans for which are  
presently whirring away in my head. More fabric arrived in the mail yesterday, so sometime soon I will make a pattern grid so I can move little pieces of fabric around on it, and get a feeling for what sort of a layout I might use.


  1. I must have mis-read....I think I read "Rainbow Dear Jane"????? OMG...I am in awe...I wouldn't attempt ONE of these quilts let alone two........!!! Love this weather...!!

  2. Nice fabrics which would brighten up any day- sounds like your weather today is similar to what we have had over here for the past week -yuk! Will be watching with interest to see how your quilt develops- I used to have visions of attempting one of those quilts myself but reality stepped in for me!

  3. It was a lovely grey day here too! Grey with lots of hail. Love the fabrics!

  4. OMGosh... a Rainbow Dear Jane?
    That sounds Fabulous! It will be such fun to follow your progress on this one too! :)

    Hope you see some sunshine soon!

  5. Omigosh! I can't believe you're jumping right back in! I know it will be beautiful.


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