Saturday, 14 May 2011


The millstone round my neck has gone, now that I have finished the Seven Sisters block.  Blogger being down all yesterday proved a blessing in disguise. With no blog posts to catch up on I knuckled down and worked on this block.


The applique stars weren’t working too well for me so I tried a block layout from the Block Base software and used English paper piecing to make the stars which I then appliqued on to the background fabric.  If I had been thinking ahead I could have fussy cut diamonds with the background fabric as well.  Now I just have to make a Missouri Star which is last weeks block from the Civil War Quilts blog and then I will be all up to date until tonight when the next block comes out :(


  1. You'll be pleased with the block-it looks good- and that is a great background fabric- one a week must keep you busy if you have other things under way.

  2. Very nice block Pip, I like the background fabric.

    Happy stitching

  3. Very nice! Actually I'm planning on skipping that one.... :)

  4. That looks like a lot of work. Well done Pip!

  5. Your block is beautiful. I think I'm skipping that one since I plan to make only 42 blocks.


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