Sunday, 1 May 2011

Clearing the decks

When I started to quilt my DJ, I needed a fair bit of clear space, so I just moved everything onto my craft table and anywhere else there was clear space.  Fast forward a week or so, and when I decided that I would catch up with my Civil War blocks, they were buried under everything I had heaped on the table.


So today was spent having a little tidy up, and tomorrow I can get going on the Civil War blocks and perhaps also start sorting through the container of leftover fabric scraps which is overflowing now.


The Mister has just informed me that my sewing room “looks sterile and dormant”…..


  1. Quickly girl! Get the next project happening. "Sterile and dormant" sounds terrible!

  2. Sterile and dormant? Silly Mister - you had to make spaces for darling Cody to supervise without the furry lad mucking up your work (or you accidentally stitching Cody into a quilt top).

    Lovely to see Cody posing on the windowsill and staring straight at the camera, so sure in the knowledge that He rules your home!

  3. looking very organised.......

  4. I am pretty sure it won't be "sterile and dormant" for long! I started quilting a UFO yesterday and soon had everything off the table and onto the floor...LOLOL...forgot I need a lot of space to throw the quilt around on...LOLOL my room looks anything BUT sterile and dormant....ran out of bobbin thread and called it a night about 8.30....back to work today so probably wont be working on it again this week....and I have all the patterns for the CW blocks ready to go to catch up...I think I am three behind now!

  5. don't you hate it when you just have to tidy up so you can get on to the next project. I bet all the time you were tidying your mind was planning.

  6. Funny isn't it how the very thing you want can take some time to find and be hidden under other things- I think may of us would have done just what you have in order to get going on something we really want to do- you have been busy though, looking forward to seeing the finished results of your stitching!

  7. Haha... I wonder how long it will take you to unsterilise and undormantise it? Looks great...

  8. Ooops.. and I forgot to say thanks for the comment on my post at Sew We Quilt... was fun to do something different...

  9. Anonymous29/6/11 06:47

    Funny! I spend a LOT of time trying to have my room look 'sterile and dormant' and I LOVE the tone of support in you husband's reply!


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