Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Still quilting

I quilted five blocks today after I had tidied up all the thread ends. The quilt is getting easier to move around, or at least I am getting more practised at it, you can see in the picture below that there is quite a bit of room to push the quilt around.






I finished off the afternoon with this block, the back of the quilt is starting to look quite good.  I need to start thinking about what I will hand quilt in these blocks.





Some of the blocks I already have an idea of how the quilting will be done, with this block I might just quilt the centre circle as it is a bit puffy at the moment.


  1. Anonymous27/4/11 07:32

    Pip, it's looking beautiful! Good on you for quilting it yourself. I'm afraid I would have put it in the too hard basket!!

  2. Pip, you do such a beautiful job!

  3. Are you planning to both machine and hand quilt your DJQ? I just found your blog. I'll have to keep reading. . .

  4. Estoy encantada viendo su hermosa colcha Dear Jane, he visto que tiene una regla de triángulos, y con ella es fácil hacer los bloques para terminar la colcha con los triángulos. Me gustaría mucho comprarla, ¿dónde puedo hacerlo? Por favor contesteme. Un saludo
    Mi blog.


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