Saturday, 2 April 2011

One of the blogs

that I follow is Gail Pan Designs, I think I’ve been reading Gail’s  blog for a couple of years now, the A Christmas Wish wall hanging that I finished in January was a free BOM from her blog.  A little while ago Gail had a small giveaway of these Petite Projects patterns and I was a lucky winner – thank you Gail, I’m sure I shall enjoy making these up.


There are four projects;  a pincushion, a dilly-bag, a project folder and a little pouch, all featuring lovely stitchery and using small amounts of fabric (which we all have plenty of).  The stitchery component is nice and small so the projects won’t take too long to finish – maybe I will have one finished this weekend :)


  1. Hi Pip you are up early too. :)
    Lovely prizes- the pincushion looks so pretty. I also did Gail"s free Bom, but I haven't made them up yet. I bought a jelly roll specifically for that purpose too- norty me. Must try and get some things finished. Perhaps my Mojo will return from holidays when the weather is cooler?/ LOL.

  2. what a great win.............

  3. Anonymous2/4/11 07:47

    Congratulations on your win!

  4. Lovely! I love Gail's patterns.

  5. That pin cushion pattern looks beautiful. Not something I would tackle, but I just know that yours would be beautiful! What fun to win a wonderful gift like that you lucky girl!!!!


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