Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Not a lot happening here

Yesterday I finished the back I was piecing together for a quilt, today I marked out the quilting pattern on the quilt top, and after all that effort I don’t like the pattern, never mind, it was a water soluble pen (I tested it before I used it) so it will wash out easily.


Then I started on this block, the piece pictured is one quarter of the block, it is appliqued and machine pieced, the centre doesn’t line up very well, so I’m going to try hand piecing for the next quarter block.


  1. What an interesting pattern. I've never seen it before, and I look forward to seeing how this piece works with the rest of the block.

  2. Hi Pip, Interesting pattern, is it a part of bigger block? Looking forward to see the rest.

  3. What an unusual block, will look forward to seeing the whole of it, I love the colours you've used.


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