Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Nearly there

Just the binding left to stitch down on this quilt and it will be finished.


It’s a toss up whether to sit and sew until my hands get too sore or to sew in dribs and drabs over the next few days.  To me this last bit of the quilt making process is quite exciting as you know when you take those last few stitches that the quilt is truly finished.


  1. That's a tough question-I imagine you will know once you start stitching how far you can go in one sitting. Those pegs look interesting are they specially for quilting or some type of clothes pegs which I haven't seen over here??
    Enjoy your last few stitches on the quilt.

  2. I really like your stripy binding, i would have to just go for it, I love doing the binding, knowing that the quilt is then finished. I might then need a couple of Voltarin. Like Lyn said "what are the pegs? I use the hair clip style for my binding but yours look cute.

  3. So colorful and cheery - can't wait to see it finished. I also enjoy doing the binding and seeing the completed quilt at the end of my thread.


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