Thursday, 7 April 2011

I think

that the worst part of quilt making is sandwiching the back, batting and front together.  For this quilt I used some Quilt-lite batting which I had bought some time ago intending to use it in my Dear Jane.  It is a very thin batting (some pictures here) 100% cotton and is very light….


so light in fact that I had problems getting it smooth and flat, but I persisted and now the quilting is underway. 

I have been playing with my EQ7 as well, I wanted to make a grid of my Civil War Quilt blocks and I saw that Doreen of Aunt Reen's Place had a grid on her blog for her CW quilt so I asked her how she made it, she kindly sent me some instructions and, well you can see for yourself how successful I was.

CW grid V2


  1. Pip - I just LOVE your Civil War quilt grid. It looks FABULOUS! congratulations

    I've never used that batting before but I think it's just what I need for my mini quilts.

  2. you have been busy Pip, the quilt looks great and the grid really shows how good the Civil war blocks look together. i Should be able to catch up with mine next week.

  3. Love the floral fabrics - looks like some Kaffe prints in there. Lovely colors. Also I've been so curious how well that basting spray works. I saw a description here:

  4. Ohhhh! :ooo! Oh, wonderful, wonderful colours and fabrics!!!!

    P.S. Thanks for your nice comment! :))

  5. It looks wonderful, I love it :)

  6. I agree about sandwiching a quilt, maybe that is why I have a few waiting to be done! That sure is a thin batting, haven't seen it before,what is it like to quilt?

    Yor civil war grid is looking good.

  7. my CW blocks are on the floor of the sewing room...that's my grid...!

  8. Pip,
    Your blocks look terrific on the grid. Looks like Doreen did an excellent job giving pointers---does it take long to learn?


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