Monday, 25 April 2011

A good days work

Yesterday’s sandwich making was successful, it didn’t take me very long at all, mainly I think because the batting was much thicker and clung to the fabric quite well.  It also helped that I placed the backing, batting and quilt top between two pieces of wood and then clamped them together so I was able to tug on all the layers and get them nice and smooth.
Then I started the quilting, I tried doing a straight stitch for the sashing first but I was meandering all over the place and it didn’t look very good at all, so I reverted to my original plan of using a serpentine stitch, and I’m quite happy with how it looks even though it is probably not a traditional finish.
This afternoon saw me finishing off the quilting on the sashing and then I tried quilting a block. It was quite a bit of work moving the quilt around and my arms and shoulders are sure to feel it tomorrow. I have a whole lot of thread ends to tie off and hide in the quilt so that will give me a bit of a rest. I won’t be doing any FMQ on this quilt, it will just be straight stitching with the machine and then I intend to hand quilt as well, for instance the block below will have some hand quilting on the open areas. 


  1. Looking good. I'm planning to hand quilt, but we'll see when I actually get that far.

  2. great work Pip, Its so exciting to see the quilt emerge
    from the "flimsy"

  3. Looks wonderful! Love the blues, and that wood clamping idea is a great one!

  4. I like the wavy line in the sashing, it all looks great. Must be quite a weight to move around on the sewing machine.

  5. Should I ever get mine together, I'll be using that clamp trick----good one, Pip!

  6. Good work with the quilting.....a straight stitch that isn't quite straight doesn't look intentional wavy line is way better! Geat idea with the clamps for making the sandwich!

  7. Looking great Pip. I don't know anything about quilting but I do know how hard it is to sew a very large item, having once made a fancy quilt cover with a fancy stitch centre. Not so easy to manoeuvre through the machine.

  8. That serpentine stitch looks great. You're doing that with a walking foot? I can imagine how hard it is on the arms, with a quilt this size. Anyway, it is looking soooo fantastic !

  9. Quilting it all together is such a big process! Especially with so many unique and tiny blocks. You are doing such a fabulous job!
    I like your method of clamping the quilt down. I also think the serpentine pattern in the sashing was a great choice!


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