Thursday, 28 April 2011

Early morning visitors

This morning when we got up we noticed that Cody (the cat) was acting weird, he kept looking up at the ceiling, and didn’t want to go into the enclosed outside area. 


The Mister spotted this koala up in the tree which overlooks the outside area, Cody must have seen it when it was wandering round the yard during the early hours of the morning.


A couple of galahs waiting their turn for breakfast, these two cockatoos beat them to it this morning.


This is the first time we have had a koala in our yard, usually they pick the neighbour’s trees, I don’t think it will be there too long as this type of tree is not on their menu.


  1. What wonderful visitors!

  2. Anonymous28/4/11 11:15

    Fantastic photos!
    Thanks for sharing them!


  3. What a surprise to find in the morning- poor Cody knew that something was different out there. Do you live near the bush to find koalas in the trees outside? Great photos.

  4. What Australiana you have in your back yard - very cool! Yes, great pics, too.

    Cheers - Joolz

  5. Love your visitors! Also love the quilting you're doing and your easter 'present' to yourself :).

  6. Wow, Pip, that is unbelievable. We once saw a koala in a zoo and it was a huge treat... I can't imagine seeing one in the wild. That's like having a wildlife preserve in your back yard ! So glad you managed to get a picture of it. The birds are fantastic too.


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