Thursday, 14 April 2011

Circus Ring

I finished this block - Imperial Fan today.  This block is one of the few that isn’t in Block Base, or rather there is a block (3316) but it is one quarter of this block.


I printed out the block at 2.25” and used the print option of “Print as many as fit” which meant I had 12 blocks to play with, I used 4 in the paper foundation piecing.


I traced a freezer paper template of the blades from these 4 blocks

My plan of attack was:

  • paper foundation piece the blades on each quarter,
  • join the quarters together,
  • applique the centre circle on top of the blades.
  • applique the lavender circle to a square of background fabric,
  • applique the fan points (freezer paper on top method) to the lavender circle.

I was over halfway through the fan points when I thought it might have been more accurate to English Paper Piece the fan blades and the triangles, then applique the centre circle, then applique the whole lot to the background fabric.  It would still have taken just as long I think.

If I finish off the Orange Peel block this weekend I will have completed 4 blocks from Row 1.


  1. Wow Pip you are amazing with how much quilting you get done. I'm just catching up on blog reading, not sure where this week's gone!!
    How easy would it be to clean that Amish bedroom with not much other 'stuff' around. Looks lovely.

  2. Pip,
    This block is fantastic! I love your fabric choices (as always!). Wonderful explanation of construction, too. =)

  3. What cheerful fabrics these are ! Amazing small pieces in that block. I suspect that appliqueing those little points would be really difficult. You did a terrific job.

  4. Oh my, I am in awe of your piecing such tiny bits of fabric so brilliantly.

    I'll stick to another textile craft - Knitting!

  5. Gorgeous, love those fabrics - is this part of a sampler style quilt?


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