Sunday, 17 April 2011

Almost finished

I’ve had this Amy Butler pattern for the Liverpool shirt, tunic, dress for ages,  but after reading the instructions I was a bit put off as they were a bit light on detail for someone who hasn’t sewed clothes for a long time.  A couple of weeks ago I bit the bullet and decided to order some fabric so I could attempt it.  

I spent Thursday cutting out the pattern pieces and fabric, then started sewing on Friday, I managed the darts ok, the front plackets ok, joining the two back pieces together with a french seam, (why???? usually the back is laid out on the fabric fold and cut in one piece)  which turned out really well, joined the back to the fronts, made the collar, then attached the collar stand to the collar, then it all went to pieces.  Attaching the collar wasn’t a problem, getting the ends of the collar stand to look nice and flat where they join the plackets took me a looong time (I had to reverse sew four times)  eventually I was happy with how they looked, that took most of Saturday afternoon.


I was up early today as I wanted to get this top to a stage where I could finish it off later in the week.  The tops of the sleeves aren’t quite as I would like (three reverse sewings here), they had to be very gently gathered to fit, then I sewed up the side seams and this is where I’m at now.


I still have to finish off the cuffs on the sleeves, make the buttonholes and raise the hem.  I used the Large sizing on the pattern, omitted the belt and the sleeves are the 3/4 length, next time I will try the elbow length.

Have a look at the review for the pattern here at the Pink Chalk Studio blog. Their fabric choice is really lovely, and while I’m quite happy with my choice, I feel that I should have put a bit more thought into it, on the plus side I have nearly a metre of left over fabric and plenty of charm square size scraps.


  1. Hi Pip... I love your shirt... the color is just lovely... Marilyn

  2. thats a bit different for your usual post, its looking good. I havent made clothes for myself for ages, I used to draft a lot of patterns, but fashion and tastes change and i now stick to kids clothes and quilts, 'tho i miss that satisfaction of being able to say: 'i made it myself" well done for jumping back into the Haute couture

  3. Pip I think you did a terrific job sewing this! It's cute & chic and you look very lovely wearing it!
    Congratulations & Well Done!

  4. Pip, that looks wonderful! I love her fabric, and have a pattern and fabric of hers sitting here waiting for me to put it together ~ thanks again for the inspiration to do so!

  5. It's gorgeous, you did a fabulous job - it's a long time since I did any clothes making other than shortening the length of trousers.

  6. Pip this looks fabulous...I love the color too...
    Well done..I haven't attempted clothes for me for a long long time... about 6 sizes ago..
    Hugs Dawn x x x

  7. Your shirt looks great Good on you for trying something different. I don't think I'd be adventurous enough to do button holes!!

  8. Pip,
    What a fantastic blouse! You must be so thrilled. It looks amazing on you...and bonus fabric left over? Now there's cause for celebration.
    You go, girl!

  9. Great blouse in great colours. I think you did a fabulous job!

  10. Wow Pip, I love your top and the fabric is just delicious. Beautiful!


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