Thursday, 10 March 2011

You know that it’s time to call it a night

when this happens…


(expletives deleted) … and I was going along quite well too, oh well there is always tomorrow and the weekend.

I did have a finish today, I finished off my second last Civil War quilt BOW block, just one block left to finish (the applique one) and then I will have caught up.



  1. oh dear :( definitely time to call it a night after that - I feel your pain, I sat happily stitching away at my hexagons last night only to realise I'd been stitching on the wrong edge! I've two CW blocks (2 tricky ones) and last Saturday's to catch up on - I'm using the excuse that I'm waiting for some fabric to arrive - your block is lovely.

  2. Yes, that's when I give up too. When I start making mistakes.

  3. Oh my...

    I also have done something similar. I stitched together an entire table runner and then when I went to turn it, realized I had stitched it so that when the batting was inside, so was the right side of the fabric. Oops.

  4. My commiserations :(. Why does unsewing take about 3-4 times as long as sewing does?? I've had to undo a one way pattern that was upside down on the back piece when making clothing. Lucky I had lots of that fabric.

  5. That's the reason I havae 4 seam rippers. Even though you have to 'unsew' they look beautiful anyway.

  6. Yep...definitely time to give up when you start sewing things on the wrong way.....I have been staying up way too late while I have been on holidays....have spent all week in the sewing room and am just catching up on have been busy with your CW blocks...I caught up during the week.....had three to do ...I am enjoying making them...and surprisingly have kept up!

  7. Anonymous12/3/11 11:15

    Oh dear.... I hope I'm laughing with you? It did take these tired eyes a second or two to work out what you'd done!! Hope tonight is better!!

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