Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Storm at Sea is one of my all time favourite block patterns so when I was reading a recent post about that pattern on the Quilt Inspiration blog, it jolted my memory about this photo (not a very good one) of a Storm at Sea wall hanging which I made but never finished years ago.


I think my mother may have finished it and it now resides on the wall at my brother’s place.  I remember when I made this that I had a lot of trouble with the triangle edges, they just stretched so much,  if I were making it now I would paper foundation piece it.  There are some lovely photos of Storm at Sea quilts on the Quilt Inspiration blog (if you click on the photos, the quilt image will expand and you can see a lot of wonderful details, its almost like having the quilt in front of you)


  1. Great wall quilt Pip! I've always enjoyed that pattern. Some day i hope to make one.

  2. I haven't made one of these before, but it sure seems to have some interesting opticals and angles. I have put CW squares on hold, while I wash and iron fabric....I am an "ironer", it would drive me crazy not to. Wish I had done this before :)


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