Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Some more Civil War blocks

I made these two blocks on Sunday as part of my catch-up with this BOW.  This one (below) London Square was a snap, paper foundation pieced, my biggest problem was selecting fabrics, but I think these work quite well.
This Louisiana block (below) was hand pieced because my usual method of paper foundation piecing, while very accurate quite often leaves you with a lot of fabric in the middle.  By hand piecing I was able to achieve a nice flat centre.  I followed the very excellent Hand piecing with Crispy tutorials (plenty of detailed photos) , Chris also has some excellent tutorials on applique in her blog: Crispy Quilts.
I haven’t made any further progress on Seven Sisters, she is a very lonely block at the moment, with one sister appliqued and waiting for the rest of her sisters :)


  1. I have these two patterns sitting on my sewing room table at the moment.....on the agenda for the weekend....!

  2. Your blocks are looking great- I like your choice of fabric. It is very precise sewing with all of those triangles.

  3. These are BOTH really beautiful blocks Pip!
    You are making great progress.


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