Friday, 25 March 2011

Second midget block

This block is called Cactus Bloom, originally a Nancy Cabot pattern from 1934.  I printed my pattern from my Block Base software and to ensure that the applique would fit into the 4 1/2” block, I printed it at 4.25 instead of 4.5


Construction method:

I ironed my freezer paper templates on to the wrong side of the fabric, then cut around the templates leaving a 1/4” seam allowance, then I turned all the seam allowances under and glued them down, I  started by sewing the centre circle down, then the orange flower and finally the leaves.

I carefully cut slits in the back of all the appliqued pieces (so I would be able to remove the freezer paper later) then soaked the completed block in warm water with a little soap (it needs a good hour) this allows you to remove the freezer paper easily (a pair of tweezers can be helpful)


Rinse the block and lay on a towel, which you then roll up to remove excess water, I then leave it there to dry out for an hour or so, then I press it with my iron to get any remaining dampness out

While this isn’t really a traditional method and maybe not for everyone, I am finding that it is giving a good result on some blocks.


  1. What an adorable block Pip!
    I like the idea of sizing down 1/4" to fit the seam allowances. That was very clever! Are you designing a quilt or following one?

  2. Beautiful block, Pip! Love your color choices. What a great tip to print 1/4 inch smaller. I still have block base on my wishlist.
    Thanks for taking the time to walk us through your steps...that should be very helpful to a lot of people. =)

  3. Pip ~ that came out beautiful! Thanks for the hint.

  4. wow, that's gorgeous, beautifully done and great "how to's"

  5. That is a nice tutorial and great pictures (as always). The block looks perfect !

  6. I love this block Pip, it looks great and not too hard even I could manage that I think :)

    Hugs Olivia


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