Thursday, 24 March 2011

A morning out

Earlier in the week we had a morning out in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.  We were lucky with the weather as even though it was an overcast day it was quite mild, the Mister and I spent a relaxed couple of hours ambling around.


This fellow was actually sitting on top of a chair while we were having coffee, he stayed there for ages but when I thought to take a photo, he was startled and hopped down onto the ground.


The Nelumbo pond was filled with lotus seed heads, peering up like some weird creatures from a sea of green.


Agavaceae     Sansevieria deserti

This flower caught my eye as we left the gardens, quite a striking blue.


  1. Very interesting and beautiful photos. I have never seen the lotus seed heads.

  2. Wow what beautiful pictures! The bird was probably startled from the light on the camera used for focusing. What an interesting bird.

  3. Thank you Pip! This is one of my favourite places. So nice to see it!

  4. Beautiful photos. Those lotus seed heads look like the tops of watering cans. I've never seen them before.


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