Monday, 7 March 2011

More folding

I didn’t finish my folding last night so finished folding these this morning, now I have to find somewhere to stash them. 


I bought myself a new ironing board cover from here, the old one (same brand) was bought in 1995 so it has lasted a long time, in fact it is still usable, just faded, a few scorch marks and a bit sticky from spray starch so after I have washed it I will keep it as a spare.  My ironing board is the one I bought when I first went flatting while I was in the RNZAF, it’s 31 years old and still going strong.

As I have a nice, new cover I thought I should clean the iron as well, I used a damp cloth which I dipped in white vinegar and then dipped in bicarbonate of soda, just rubbed it over the cold iron and all the brown gunk came off, I then wiped it well with a damp cloth and made sure there was no bicarbonate of soda left in the steam holes, it worked really well.


I finished this block off for the Civil War Quilts BOW, 3 more blocks to make and I will have caught up and then I can put some effort into Dear Jane.


  1. Your Civil War blocks are lovely - as is your beautiful blue Jane.

  2. Oh my gosh! So many hints and tips here!

    Of course I don't really clean my irons. That's because they don't last long enough to get dirty here. Unless I really don't like them. Then they last for ages. The one before last was dropped the day I got it. The fall didn't do too much damage, other than cracking the water tank which meant it was no longer a steam iron. Three months later my Bradley came home from a supermarket trip with a marked down iron to replace my non steam one. I have had it for 8 months now which is nearing the record. Is it broken? No. I don't like it so it is intact. It turns itself off after 8 minutes of stillness. Which is great if you don't want to burn down the house, but not that good if you want to chain piece and then press and then chain piece and then press..... (You get my drift!)

  3. Lovely block Pip! And lovely fabrics :) I am sure you will find a place for them :)

  4. Anonymous8/3/11 17:56

    Ohh... that's a great vinegar and bicarb tip! I'll have to use that!


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