Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I’ve been catching up

n my reading the last few days, currently reading Mistress of the Art of Death by Ariana Franklin which I first read about over at The Treehouse, I’m enjoying it very much and will be sorry to finish it.


I have found time for some quilting as well, I’ve nearly finished the top of this quilt (above) and the back (below) is about half finished.  The colours seem to be a bit washed out in the pictures, in real life they are more vibrant.



  1. Beautiful quilt Pip!
    I want to see some more of it :D
    I really like the fabrics you are using!

  2. That's a lovely bright quilt Pip, and looks like it will be reversable! I haven't done a reversable one yet, I should one day... I think it is going to look fantastic!

  3. I love the patterns of the fabric you chose. I imagine them being more vibrant, and can only imagine how beautiful it must be in person. You do such a NICE job!


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