Sunday, 6 March 2011


I didn’t just make blocks over the weekend, I folded all the fabric that I washed on Friday, it makes my fingers itch to touch it when I see fabric stacked up like this.


Still to be folded, I washed this fabric when I did a load of washing yesterday, I popped them in some laundry bags which stopped most of the fraying.  At the moment there aren’t too many creases in them, so


will need to get them folded tonight, so I can stack them away tomorrow.  The way I’m going here I will be able to open a shop soon :) although my fabric stash is very small compared to some that I have seen over at Stash Manicure a blog devoted to manicuring your stash of fabric.


  1. Just the word 'stash' is lovely, don't you think? I really like your growing 'stash'.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful stacks of luscious fabric. Isn't it wonderful to get organized? I guess that is a rhetorical question, since I have a stash basket that is in no order at all. Love several of the FQs in your stack, though...


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