Sunday, 13 March 2011

Check, check and check again

Just one row of triangles left to put together now, I sewed the RHS row on this afternoon and I have to admit that I was disappointed with how it looked while I was pressing the seams, it was quite wavy.  I started thinking about unsewing and re-doing it, but decided that I would put it on our bed and see what it looked like before taking that step.  To my surprise the waviness wasn’t really noticeable, so I left it and carried on sewing triangles together. 


I check each triangle after sewing to ensure it is the correct size. I made most of my triangles with a generous allowance so I could trim them back to the correct size, much easier than running out of seam allowance as happened with a few of my early blocks.


  1. i shall heed your warning Pip.It's all these bits of advice that has made it possible for me to attempt my own DJ

  2. It sounds scary, to think that after all that work it might be wavy - but you have been so precise all along ! Look at that perfect triangle.

  3. Anonymous14/3/11 07:47

    Glad that it wasn't noticable when it was on the bed. You can't be more correct than you already have been with your triangles. I think it's looking beautiful!!

  4. With so many pieces, angles and triangles, it would be a true wonder for it to be completely flat. Your quilt is so beautiful, who's going to notice a little waviness? Probably only you. I wish I could catch up with you.


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