Wednesday, 2 March 2011


In line with this post I’ve also decided to slowly update my blog, so you will see a few changes gradually creep in.  I decided I would like a label cloud on the side bar, so I’m going through my labels and rationalising (I love that word) them, as the label cloud looked far too messy before.

Sometime ago I bought Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey,  I found it quite helpful and easy to understand, it also features more than 50 blogs and there are plenty of lovely photos to drool over, I dip into it often, so often that it lives beside my laptop:)


Finally here are some blogs that have helpful tips on blogging (and are great to read as well):

Kat has a great series of posts on Good etiquette for modern bloggers  which I found really comprehensive and useful.

Calamity Anne has some helpful Blogging Tips and Tricks (just scroll down the sidebar to find them)

Chooky Blue is another blogger with a great How to .. Blog bits section on her left sidebar which is well worth looking at.


  1. Oh that book looks really good. Another for my list I think!

  2. Thank you for the helpful blogging links! That book looks like a great read.
    Look forward to following along as you update your blog. (it always looks fabulous to me)

  3. I need a book that explains how to do things like headers etc...
    I try to work it out myself and give up half way through :(
    I really need to get more motivated about my blog in general. Lately I just can't find the motivation.
    Perhaps I'm just a little too busy.

  4. Handy hints, thank you - will have to check them out ! Your work on your blog certainly shows. The transparent sidebar is really interesting too.

  5. I have seen the book mentioned a few times........I don't have it I fumble my way thru.........pleased you found something useful on the sidebar........if you work something out it is nice to share........

  6. Thank you for mentioning my site- I really appreciate it :)
    I must look into getting that book myself too- it seems to be widely recommended!


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