Saturday, 5 March 2011

2 and a bit blocks

made today, after I had folded and stacked all my freshly washed Civil War reproduction fabrics, I thought I needed a bit of a reward, so I made a couple of blocks, there are already 9 blocks posted on the  Civil War Quilts blog so I need to think about catching up.


Log Cabin block

I made my Log Cabin block differently to the one on the Civil War Quilts blog, I like how it has turned out. 


North Star

Making these blocks is a bit different to making the DJ blocks, they are twice as big and I have to put a bit more thought into picking the fabrics.


The start of my Seven Sisters block, I will do this quite slowly, I have very short thumb-nails at the moment which makes it a little bit harder to do applique :)  I also need to buy a darker colour silk thread to applique with, the cream isn’t really the best choice.


  1. Beautiful blocks Pip!
    I really love your fabric choices and placement. Seven Sister's is going to be stunning!

  2. I love your Log Cabin ~ wish I had seen yours, before I did mine....I just may do it over. I am hesitating on Seven Sisters as I have never done applique. Beautiful blocks Pip usual :)

  3. Your blocks look great. I haven't started making the blocks yet, but I have a lot of CW reproduction fabrics, so what better project for them.

  4. Was wondering if you could do a step by step pic tutorial on applique or if you could do a vid? Would love to see how you do it and the nitty gritty details! x


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