Sunday, 20 February 2011

Waffle Experiments

Friday was quite a miserable day, it rained nearly all day, we received 38mm (about 1 1/2 “) of rain which would be the most rain we have had in February for a few years.

Friday night I mixed up the batter for The Easiest Crispiest Yeasted Waffles, there is a similar recipe on the Orangette blog here (Marion Cunningham’s Raised Waffles) but I opted to try The Easiest Crispiest Yeasted Waffles as it was a slightly simpler recipe, although I will make the other recipe at some stage (just for comparison purposes of course) 


The Easiest Crispiest Yeasted Waffles

Saturday morning I cooked them up in the waffle iron, which is a stove top iron like this one here. We liked these waffles better, they just tasted better somehow.  Once I had mixed them up the mixture just needs to be left in the fridge overnight and in the morning I just needed to heat the waffle iron, stir the batter a bit and start cooking waffles.

Saturday night I decided to make some Liege Waffles to have on Sunday morning.  These were a bit more complicated to make and also required Pearl Sugar which I have been unable to source so far.  This recipe here suggests Turbinado sugar as a substitute for the Pearl sugar, it looks pretty much like Coffee Sugar Crystals to me so that is what I used.  You can see the sugar crystals in dough in the picture below. IMG_5201

There is a lot of sugar (and quite a bit of butter too) in this recipe so you need to be careful that the sugar doesn’t caramelise too much and turn dark brown (the waffle on the left). These waffles also passed the taste test and were also very nice when cooled.  I would make these again as a special treat.


It wasn’t all cooking and eating though, I also finished this block today, it is part of this quilt here, and I used the pattern from my Block Base software (number 3504 which goes by the published names of Bull’s Eye and Grandmother’s Tulip)


This quilt will be a slow project that I will work on every now and then, I’m going to be making the more complicated blocks first, then hopefully I will be able to rip through the easier ones at great speed (that’s my plan anyway)


  1. The waffles sound (and look) so tempting. They'd make a great Sunday morning breakfast.
    Your block is beautiful and one I've never seen before. I look forward to watching your work.

  2. I am enjoying your waffles vicariously. Cute block!

  3. The waffles are on my list for next weekend....and, that block is adorable! I have never seen one quite like it. The fabric choices are perfect!

  4. I don't have block base, but I think that tulip pattern is available free on the sentimental stitches site in a mini version.


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