Thursday, 17 February 2011

Sewing and cooking

Part of today was spent making a mug-rug for the Mister, a more manly one than the one I made here.  It turned out well enough and he is happy with it which is what matters most.


A week or so ago I ordered a Belgian Waffle Iron, it arrived on Tuesday, so of course we had waffles that night.  I used the A Great Make-the-Morning-of waffle recipe over here at Orangette (just scroll down, it’s the second recipe). The first ones I made were a bit over-browned but were still quite edible, the waffles pictured below are from the batch I made tonight.


They are quite lovely with just icing sugar (confectioners sugar) sieved over them, but the Mister likes to gild the lily, so these have strawberries and strained yoghurt (yoghurt spooned into a muslin lined sieve and then left to drip in the fridge overnight, it comes out lovely and thick) with them.

This weekend I’m going to make a yeast raised recipe and see how that turns out, then when I have a bit more time I might try making these waffles here or these pumpkin waffles,  this recipe here sounds a bit more complicated but maybe worth a go as well.


  1. Fantastic photo of the waffles. I feel hungry just looking at them!

  2. oh those waffles have my mouth watering!

  3. All the recipes sound absolutely delicious. I love pumpkin and I'm sure I'll try that one.

  4. Those waffles look delicious~I'll have to give them a try this weekend. The mug rug is "adorable"...oops, you probably shouldn't tell your husband usual, very nice job!

  5. Mmmmmm, lucky it's morning tea time or I'd be having an extra snack!
    I love how you've done the mug rug :).

  6. What a great looking Mug Rug!
    Those waffles look so delicious, Belgium waffles are one of my very favorites!

  7. Hi Pip, the waffles look scrummy. The mug rug is excellent and your Dear Jane is just sooo beautiful.

  8. YUM! Drooling over your waffles and how cute is that mug rug? SUPER CUTE!


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