Thursday, 10 February 2011

Joined together at last

I needed two attempts to get it right.  My first attempt was slightly off due to a couple of blocks being a fraction too big (it all adds up in the end)  so I unpicked it, fixed up the blocks, cut new sashing,


and went through the sewing, trimming, checking, marking rigmarole again.  I was fairly confident that it would be right this time because I didn’t have to stop and adjust anything, just kept sewing and I was


right, when I turned it over the sashing strips all matched up well enough to satisfy me.  Triangles next week.


  1. oh my..that is just gorgeous Pip.. xx

  2. Wow it looks fantastic, you must be so excited to finally be seeing all those hours of work coming together. Well done.

  3. WOW - the center of your Jane pieced together so beautifully!
    I love,love,love this glorious blue quilt!

  4. Stunning !! Well done.

  5. After following all the individual blocks, it is so exciting for us to see it together. Each one is different and yet they go together... and the sum is even more beautiful than the parts. Your photos are great.

  6. Anonymous11/2/11 02:02

    That is an absurd amount of work. I have been watching it progress and you have done a phenomenal job. Well done!

  7. I am in awe! It is absolutely gorgeous.
    ps - I am in awe because I can't even get charm squares to match up so well ;-)

  8. That is really, really gorgeous. Do you know where it is going when you are done with it?

  9. Looking great Pip....and it will be finished way before my birthday in IS for my birthday isn't it???? :) Having seen all the blocks as they were stitched it's fantastic to see them all together...and with the sashing matching up as well! I am in awe....!

  10. Anonymous11/2/11 13:14

    Pip.... it's amazing! You should be so proud!

  11. WOW what can I say thats not been said

  12. What an achievement Pip!

  13. Oh I love it! Can't wait for the triangles. What a great job you have done!

  14. Anonymous20/2/11 11:30

    Love the quilt! What a clever daughter I have!!!
    Your father's comment was 'when do I get one?'
    Love Mum


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