Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Finishing off

Yesterday I made the yo-yos so I could finish this little project off.


I used one of these yo-yo makers which made it very easy indeed.  In fact I timed myself, and to make one yo-yo took just five minutes (the fabric was already cut in squares ready to go) including threading the needle, gathering up the yo-yo  and knotting the threads off at the end.

It took a bit longer to attach them to the block and was quite a fiddly job, I decided to finish off the yo-yos with some cute little buttons. All it needs now is a little hanger so I can hang it up in my sewing room.


  1. yo-yo's, I really like them. I have just put a pic of a quilt I made which had a few yo-yo's in them!

  2. Yoyos really take me back to my childhood when we made clown dolls with them. Love how your little project worked out.


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