Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Even though he is an inside cat, we like to keep a track of where Cody actually is, so he doesn’t end up being locked in the garage.  This week he has been hiding in the wardrobes.


Darn it, they’ve found me, I wish I knew how to shut this door!


If I don’t look at them then they can’t see me can they??


  1. Perhaps its cooler in there than out on the chairs

  2. Anonymous3/2/11 08:48

    Ours loves hiding in our linen cupboard. Short black hair everywhere usually. Not fun. I often have to clean out the cupboard cause he's managed to sneak in there! He used to be able to slide the roller door to get in. I wonder what other great hiding places your cat can find?!

  3. Lol! Our Miss Ginger has a habit of sleeping on the top of the budgie cage when they are brought inside as their night cover is draped over it. This morning I went to the car to remove something and found Miss Ginger asleep on the driver's seat as I'd left the window down! She is the mother of the cheeky cat that is my avatar on the quilting forum.

  4. Oh, he is beautiful - such a lovely face.

    Zeb persists in thinking that if part of him is under his blankie then I can't see him - extra daft as he's usually demanded that I lift it up for him to crawl under in the first place!

  5. What a handsome boy he is ! He looks pretty pleased with himself...


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