Sunday, 30 January 2011

Small things

While I was browsing the magazine racks during the Christmas break, I came across an American Quilter magazine, I quickly looked at the contents page to see if I could justify buying it.  There was an article called: Pieced Applique TM  - eliminate inset points, Y-seams, and curved piecing forever written by Penny Haren.  Reading that was all the justification I needed especially as I’m not that fond of applique.
Yesterday I decided that I would make the small project that accompanied the article and this was the result:
Home Maker block
It isn’t quite finished yet as I still have to make some yo-yo’s as a frame around the binding.  I’m really pleased with how it turned out and will use this method again as it has resulted in nice sharp points and nice curves.  I think it would probably work well for some of the Dear Jane applique blocks too.
I also finished off a mug rug.  When the house blocks arrived a week or so ago a little house also caught a ride.  Beth had received them from Charity, and had then sent them to everyone that had participated in the quilty neighbourhood.
Beth had the nice idea that we would all make something to remind us of our friends in blogland.  This will be a constant reminder for me as it is now sitting by my laptop with my mug of tea resting on it.


  1. That small project looks absolutely perfeck Pip. This method of Y-seams worked really well. Will you start another DJ now ?-)
    I like your mug rug.

  2. I like both of your projects, and especially how sharp all the points are on the Y seams. I'm going to have to look for that magazine.

  3. That first project is impressive! Look at all those seams and perfect points! Your little mug rug is perfect too!

  4. I love your work it's beautiful!!!

    But the title of your blog is priceless!!!
    Thank you for reminding me!!

  5. The method you used was a good one.
    Just look at all of those super sharp points! What a pretty project!

  6. Nice mug rug. Dear Jane blocks are just the right size for sewing mug rugs :)


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