Tuesday, 25 January 2011


I finished my last Quilt for Queensland this morning, my shoulders and arms are aching so I’m having a couple of rest days. There is a bit of a story behind this quilt, late last year I participated in some blog land Neighbourhood fun which involved making a house block (or two, three or more) and sending them off to Beth, who would then make up neighbourhoods of 9-12 house blocks and send them out to some lucky people.  While I was catching up on my blog reading I found out that I was one of those lucky people.  When they arrived I thought that the blocks would make a great quilt for Quilts for Queensland which is being organised by Corrie.



I had already started making some house blocks so I added them in as well, as my stash is pretty well exhausted of large pieces of fabric I had to use a bit of ingenuity to make the back for this one, the house roof on the backing and the binding was from some fabric I picked up at the op shop (thrift shop) last week for $2 hoping that I would be able to use it.



Of course this quilt would not have been possible without the blocks made by these lovely people:

Angie in Tennessee, Margaret in New York, Em of Em Celebrates, Victoria of Bumble Beans Inc., Carla of Lollyquiltz, Sharon of Vroomans Quilts, Rachaeldaisy of Blue Mountain Daisy and of course Beth for organising the Neighbourhood Fun.


  1. Wow, someone in Queensland will be very pleased when they receive this quilt (and your others). A real piece of 'home' for someone. Lovely.


  2. Ooooh! I love it. I especially like the big house on the back! What a great quilt!

  3. Your quilt is going to be such a wonderful gift for one of those affected the recent disaster. I love the little houses.

  4. Such a lovely quilt - more wonderful piecing from all who contributed their sewing skills.

    I smiled when I realised that you'd pegged the quilt on to your rotary clothes line - if you were over here the Wellington wind would have had you chasing the quilt around and around to get the photo!

  5. Great quilt. I really love what you did with the back of it. So creative.

  6. Whew is right, Pip! I cannot believe you've already got the houses pieced. I adore the gray sashing---ties them all together. The backing is fantastic!! =)

  7. Wow you have been busy. Great quilt for some lucky recipient.

  8. Yay! Great house quilt and I love the creative back. I won a set of house blocks too, but I'm not as far along as you!

  9. You clever thing designing a backing to complement the front so well! A reversible quilt will be something for someone to treasure.

  10. What a lovely generous person you are. Just love the pieced backing. Will make someone in Queensland very happy and I am sure they will cherish the quilt.


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