Saturday, 15 January 2011

A much longer than intended blog break

Early Christmas morning we flew away to Cairns for a bit of a holiday and catch up with some of the Mister’s relatives.  Within a day of returning from Cairns we were invaded by a horde of bikers (the Mister's friends) so it has taken some time for me to get back into any sort of a routine. I have managed to stay in the holiday mood by not turning on my laptop very much, and I have been amazed by how many more things I have accomplished when the computer is turned off!  Although there is a down side to that, I have a heap of emails to reply to and there are over 200 posts on the Google reader to catch up on.


We didn't really do too much while we were away, preferring instead to laze around relaxing and reading, although one morning we visited the Cairns Botanic Gardens, as we thought it would be cooler at that time , but after walking around for a little bit the sweat was just pouring off us, luckily the cafe was open so we could stop for a refreshing cool drink and a much needed rest.  I took quite a few photos, I only wish I had taken more, but we found the humidity really knocked us around and we were quite pleased to return to our accommodation and relax in the cooling breeze of a fan.

another heliconia

We had a very relaxing time in the tropical warmth of Cairns, and although we enjoyed our time there we were glad to leave the humidity and come back to the dry heat of Adelaide.


  1. Glad to see you back. It sounds like you had an enjooyable, restful vacation.

  2. Welcome back Pip! Your photos look lovely. Yes, dry heat is my kind of thing. Can't be doing with that humidity. I grew up in Brisbane (not exactly Cairns on the humidity scale) and wasn't phased by the humidity, but when I go back now it bothers me big time.

  3. I am glad you're back Pip. I missed you. Marilyn

  4. Welcome back Pip!
    I've missed your posts and your beautiful photo's.


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