Monday, 17 January 2011

I’ve surprised myself

with how quickly I managed to put together these two lap quilts.  Usually I obsess over the layout and the colours, but  these two came together easily.  The first one was made with a charm square pack, and some backing and binding fabric that seemed to go with it.


For this one, I already had the half-square triangle blocks made, so I just mixed them up a bit, grabbed blue fabric for the sashing,  more fabric for binding and backing and away I went.


Quilt basting spray made it quick and easy to put the sandwich together and then I quilted and bound them on Sunday and tidied up the ends and put labels on today.  They will go off in the post to Corrie sometime this week.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Love the fabric combinations.

  2. I love them Pip! Gorgeous.

  3. they look fantastic.
    i was at hettie's patch today and i almost bought some of that quilt baste spray....but i had so many other things to buy (as you do when you only go in to buy binding!!). anyway - i might get some next time because i sure hate pinning!!

  4. They are beautiful. I particularly love the colours in the top one.

    I am always amazed at how people can seemingly whip up a quilt or two :-)

    Beautiful quilts Pip/

  5. Wow...look how fast you are!
    These are both beautiful quilts!
    I know they will be very appreciated!


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