Tuesday, 14 December 2010


I’m glad this block is finished, I followed the instructions given for making this block on the That Quilt blog, otherwise I think I would still be making it.


M3 – Fireweed Flower


M4 – Stepping Stones

Another paper foundation pieced block.

Today the piece count went over 5000 pieces.


  1. Is it my imagination or are these blocks becoming more intricate? I wouldn't have the patience to sit and make them. Better to admire the ones you make. Well done!

  2. I remember M3 and it was a bear. I did the Stepping Stones with traditional piecing. As usual, I love your blocks.

  3. Hi Pip ~ those are beautiful! I love watching your progress. Very impressive to say the "least".

  4. Over 5000 pieces!!! Okay. You are now offically crazy. Or talented. I'm voting talented. It has been a really lovely journey to watch.


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